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Navoiy Standartization, metrology and certification center


A single helpline:
0 (0 436) 224-9361 | 0 (0 436) 224-0751

The list of information of SE "Navoi Test and Certification Center" to be published (published):

    Normative and legal acts that determine the legal status of structural and territorial units;
    Information on changes and amendments made to normative and legal acts, normative and other documents, as well as the recognition of these documents as invalid;
    Information about the developed projects, normative legal acts and other documents;
    Information about mass events (meetings, meetings, meetings, press conferences, briefings, seminars, round tables);
    Information on cooperation between state bodies, individuals and legal entities, as well as with foreign and international organizations;
    Data on the main indicators characterizing the state of the sector (region) and the pace of its development, as well as indicators of socio-economic development, related to the scope of the center;
    Information on open tenders and auctions;
    Information on free vacancies, working conditions and requirements for candidates for vacant positions;
    Information about the leaders (biographical information, days of reception of citizens, etc.);
    Structural and territorial subdivisions, their phone numbers and postal addresses, e-mail addresses, help desk telephone numbers and hotline numbers, public transport routes, locations and numbers of the scheduled shuttle buses;
    Texts of speeches and statements of authorized officials;
    Information on the procedure for accreditation of representatives of the media;
    List of provided public services;
    Analytical reports and speeches about the organization;
    Information about applications, proposals, complaints.
    Information on the procedure for obtaining requests for information.
    Information on the results, proposals, complaints, as well as the general results of consideration of applications for information on the activities of the enterprise.