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Navoiy Standartization, metrology and certification center


A single helpline:
0 (0 436) 224-9361 | 0 (0 436) 224-0751

Department for the provision of export certification services, coordination of the activities of regional CICs and international relations.

As for the coordination of certification activities for regional centers, the department performs the following tasks:

Organization of work on product certification Coordination and development of the activities of regional centers;
Continuous monitoring of certification activities over compliance with established requirements;
Participation in works on certification of products and services;
Training of employees of enterprises for attestation as an expert-auditor in the spheres of activity;
Organization of internships of staff and exchange of experience in the relevant departments, departments and other regional centers with the purpose of continuous improvement of employees' skills;
Analysis of existing and newly introduced documents in the field of certification, as well as, if necessary, to introduce proposals for introducing changes to them;
Organization of technical training for specialists of the department and regional testing and certification centers.

тел.: (+99879) 2249361, 2240751
факс: (+99879) 2249361


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STATEMENT on the projected volume of production and the value of sold certified products

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