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Navoiy Standartization, metrology and certification center


A single helpline:
0 (0 436) 224-9361 | 0 (0 436) 224-0751

In the direction of coordination of the test activities, the center of the department performs the following tasks:

management and coordination of the activities of the territorial testing and certification centers;
development of the testing system in the laboratories that make up the Center and ensuring their preparation for accreditation in the NSS;
improvement of the test procedure in the accredited laboratories of the Center in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO / IEC, EN;
Coordination of work to expand the field of accreditation of AIL and the Testing Laboratory;
Coordination of the work of the regional Testing and Certification Center for the exchange of experience and internship in management;
carrying out of the analysis of metrological maintenance of manufacture at carrying out of tests of production;
organization and coordination of works on the test;
preparation and submission of proposals to the agency "Uzstandard" for the stage-by-stage equipping with modern measuring instruments and test equipment of testing and measurement laboratories of regional Testing and Certification Center;
Coordination of work on rendering agency and service services, using portable calibration laboratories, verification of measuring instruments, will be carried out not only in laboratories, but also with field visits.
tel .: (+99879) 2240751, 2249361
faks: (+99879) 2249361